Our Production



All Mill Finish (MF) aluminium profiles from the ageing furnace can either go through an anodizing or powder coating process.

Anodizing Process

Our anodizing production can produce surface finishes for clear anodizing and colour anodizing. We use reliable brand equipments from ELCA and Italtecno for peace of mind.


The thickness of anodic film can range between 5-10 or 10-25 microns. Our anodizing colours are available in:

  • Smooth Bright Anodized
  • Metallic Brown
  • Natural Clear Anodized
  • Dark Brown
  • Natural Sand Anodized
  • Metallic Black
  • Metallic Satin
  • Metallic Gold

Powder Coating Process

Our plant is equipped with the latest powder coating facility from Italtecno that is capable of producing 150 tonnes per month. During this process all aluminium profiles go though an exhaustive pretreatment process include chromating before any coating is applied. We only use approved reputable international powder suppliers and apply strict quality control measures that benefit our valued customers.

All finished powder coating profiles are sorted and checked before adhesive protection tape is applied. This will ensure Alko Aluminium only delivers defect free products to our customers. We are dedicated to meeting our customer's demand and have allocation to producing last minute request.