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Process Flowchart

Process Flowchart

The aluminium extrusion process is divided into 3 main sections:

Melting; where we process and prepare the raw material ingot that is needed to make the high quality aluminium billet logs in the smelting & casting area. We believe this stage is crucial in making good grade aluminium billet which helps improve our throughput and quality.

Extrusion; this is where all the aluminium billet is extruded into profiles that are designed according to the type and size of dies utilized. All billet logs are tunnelled inside a 480˚C combustion gas furnace which is sheared into shorter pieces before loaded into the press machine. After the profiles are extruded, stretched out and cut, it is hardened inside an ageing furnace before applying any surface treatment.

Finishing; can be in the form of mill finish (MF) when not further application is required, anodize treatment or powder coating. All our products are checked and rechecked by our tight quality control division responsible for detecting and preventing faulty goods being released to our customers.